Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The New York Times reports again today that New Yorkers should not expect the high temperature to get out of the 40s. In other words, despite an occasional warm day here and there, winter prevails after at least 4 pretty relentless months of it. New Yorkers have not witnessed a winter quite like this in a long time and it is taking its toll. The brisk gaits so common to the denizens of this city have slowed to a kind of collective trudge, making it very difficult for any fast walker to negotiate the city's sidewalks. The desire to cast off the heavy, unattractive clothes of these past months could not be stronger, but every time it looks as if the overcoat can be stored for good in the back of the closet, the cold winds return forcing us once again to bundle up. These repeated disappointments are also having an effect on the expressions New Yorkers wear as they board the subways. Never very happy while fighting for space on jammed train cars, New Yorkers now scowl openly in reaction to the winter gloom.

We keep thinking winter cannot last, but is this one of those years where the hope that springs eternal is only meant to break our hearts?

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